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You Own A Boutique Brand at 70% of the price of Big Brand Bikes, with matching design features, quality , performance and fitted with superior components.

Redx is a South African initiative. A bike brand carefully developed ,incorporating key principles:

1) Latest leading-edge geometry frame designs. Bikes which are sharp, fast, light, direct and ready to race, yet forgiving on the trail and comfortable on the road.

2) Manufactured by a top quality international team of engineers in a leading factory.


The factory is ISO certified, following the very latest advanced production and quality assurance processes.

3)Unmatched price performance. 


4) Redx is manufactured from the very best carbon fibre materials, sourced from Toray, the World Leading Carbon Fiber producer based in Japan.


The Clever Choice
View Financing OPTIONS:    R 60 000 purchase will  require R 6000 deposit and  R 1469 over 48 months .(interest at 13.8% used for calc.)